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Podcastserie: HANS


'Hans' is a documentary-podcast about Hans Goebertus. He is 65 years old when he gets diagnosed with alzheimer's. We have followed him for five years, showing his struggle with his disease and the difficult choices Hans, his wife Ria, his daughter Loes and his friends are facing. 

How does alzheimer's change a relationship? What does it do to your feeling of freedom? And how do you face the future? 

In five intimate episodes we show the impact of alzheimer's disease. 

My role

For this project I was the director, scriptwriter and editor. 


Presentation: Enzo van Steenbergen

Director: Mirjam van Zuidam & Nina van Hattum 

Scripts: Enzo van Steenbergen & Nina van Hattum

Edit: Jan-Paul de Bondt & Nina van Hattum 

Editor-in-chief: Anne Moraal

Thanks to: Randy Vermeulen, Gabriella Adèr, Elze van Driel, Harrison van der Vliet


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