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Podcastseries: De Keerzijde


'De Keerzijde' is a sports podcast about losing. 

How do you cope with losing in a world that is focused on winning? In this series Joram Bolle and I interview well-known Dutch athletes about the moment they lost their important match. 

The athletes relive that split-second and talk about the psychological impact of losing. How did it change them? What did they learn from it? 

We interview swimmers, ice-skaters, soccer players, cyclists and tennis players. And we wonder: don't the losers deserve a place on stage aswell? 

Featured on

NPO Radio 1, IkPas, NRC

My role

For this project I was the director, narrator, scriptwriter and editor. 


Production, edit & presentation: Joram Bolle & Nina van Hattum 

Final mix: Yeppe van Kesteren & Jeroen Jaspers


De KeerzijdeTrailer
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