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LAB Vlieland & Human

Portrait series: 'Write Here, Write Now'

Project: Write Here, Write Now

The project 'Write Here, Write Now' was featured on the Dutch Festival: Intro the Great Wide Open. A festival on the island Vlieland. 

For this project we made stories about the transition to a more sustainable future on Vlieland. Can this island become energy-independent? Young journalists and video producers were asked to tell the story of the island and it's community. 

Write Here, Write Now is a project by Lab Vlieland and Human

The Portraits

For this project Amber Kortzorg and I made four portraits of people from the Vlieland community. How do they see the sustainable future of the island? And how will this affect their jobs and lives.


Research, productie en montage: Amber Kortzorg & Nina van Hattum
Camera: Danny van der Wielen


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