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Webseries: De Klimaatverkenners

'De Klimaatverkenners' is a five-episode webseries about sustainability. Together with my colleague (Amber Kortzorg) I was responsible for the concept, the directing, screenwriting and presentation. The series was broadcasted on TV (NPO1 - Kassa).

Featured on:  

BNNVARA, Youtube, Volkskrant, NPO1


Presentation: Amber Kortzorg & Nina van Hattum

Concept, Research & Edit: Amber Kortzorg & Nina van Hattum

Camera: Joël Hom

Animation: Midas van Son

Final Mix: Gerrit Jan ten Hove

Editor-in-chief: Wieneke van Vucht

Research panel: Thaïs Leopold

Color correction: Jelle Helwig

Audio mix: Hens Zimmerman


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